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Gas Plant


IHH Energy Corp: Focusing on Mature Field Optimization

Located in Alberta, Canada, IHH Energy Corp stands at the forefront of the energy industry with a unique specialization in harnessing mature oil fields. Our strength emanates from an in-depth, holistic research approach where we skillfully integrate seismic data, geological insights, reservoir engineering, and production history. This allows us to accurately pinpoint the remaining oil reserves that many might overlook.


Our unique competence lies in our profound understanding of dynamic fluid flow in porous media, guided by foundational principles like Darcy's law. But our mission doesn't stop at just identifying these reserves. The true essence of IHH Energy Corp is in our strategic development process. Every step, from the onset of the development plan to the final facility design, is executed with precision, ensuring an economic and cost-efficient development journey.


In the vast terrains of Alberta, while many seek new reservoirs, IHH Energy Corp is dedicated to maximizing the potential of existing ones, blending technology with principles, and weaving cost-efficiency into the very fabric of our operations. Join us as we redefine the future of energy, one mature field at a time.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line


To lead in optimizing mature oil fields in Alberta, merging deep research with environmental responsibility, and shaping a sustainable energy future.


Harness overlooked oil reserves in Alberta's mature fields through innovative research and technology. Prioritize sustainability, community collaboration, and efficient development at every step


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#404 3820 Brentwood Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2L5


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